One man, two lives in fox’s “lone star”

The television series "Lone Star tells the story of a man living in two different worlds. Charming Robert Allen has a perfect wife and financial security in Midland, Texas, but he also leads a second life in Houston, Texas, as Pete, where he has another girlfriend and a dishonest business.

The series, which premiered in 2010, follows Robert/Pete as he struggles to keep both of his lives secret and still be successful. But as his second life unfolds and his deception is discovered, he is confronted with the consequences and must choose between his two lives.

"Lone Star features a compelling storyline that revolves around themes of loyalty, love, betrayal and identity. James Wolk, who plays Robert/Pete, brings a complex depth and sympathy to his role that makes the audience hope for him to maintain both lives. But will he be successful or will he have to choose a life?

One man, two lives in Fox's 'Lone Star'

With its strong cast and exciting storyline "Lone Star" remains a memorable television series that captivates viewers and raises the question of how far we would go to live a second life.

The plot of ‘Lone Star’: one man, two lives

The television series ‘Lone Star is about a man named Robert Allen who leads two lives. One as Robert Allen, the successful oil tycoon and family man in Midland, Texas, and the other as Robert/Bob Allen, the con man and con artist in Houston, Texas. The plot revolves around Robert’s attempt to balance both lives, expose his lies and save his relationships.

The tension in the plot of ‘Lone Star’ is comes mainly from the dual identity of Robert/Bob. While in Midland trying to keep his wife and company from ruin, in Houston he works to concoct his latest scam and impress his mistress. When Robert’s father also shows up and tries to help him save the family and the company, everything threatens to unravel.

The plot of ‘Lone Star is marked by intrigue, lies and deceit. But at the same time it is also about family, loyalty and the desire to do the right thing. Robert/Bob has to decide what life he wants to lead and what is really important to him in life. In the end, he must face his past and face the consequences for what he has done.

  • Midland vs. Houston
  • Family and betrayal
  • Double identity and intrigue
  • Decisions and consequences

Actors in ‘Lone Star

‘Lone Star is an American television series that revolves around a man who leads two lives. He is a successful oil entrepreneur, but at the same time he is also a con man. The series shines a spotlight on the actors who embody these complex and layered roles. First and foremost James Wolk, who plays the main role of Robert/Bob Allen. His acting performance has wowed critics and earned him an Emmy nomination.

Another actor who shines in ‘Lone Star is Adrianne Palicki. She plays the role of Allen’s wife, who knows nothing of his machinations. Palicki brings her beauty and acting talent to the series and proves to be perfect casting for this role. Other actors such as Eloise Mumford, Jon Voight and David Keith complete the talented cast.

  • James Wolk
  • Adrianne Palicki
  • Eloise Mumford
  • Jon Voight
  • David Keith

The actors in ‘Lone Star all stand out for their high acting skills. Each of them embodies his role with great passion and convinces all along the line. The series is a prime example of quality television that manages to captivate and enthrall the viewer.

It’s no wonder then that despite its short run ‘Lone Star has a loyal fan base that still misses the series. The actors helped make ‘Lone Star an unforgettable experience and proved that they are among the most talented actors in the industry.

The backstory of ‘Lone Star’ has

‘Lone Star is an American television series that was broadcast by Fox in 2010. The series revolves around Robert Allen, a man with two lives. While on one hand he is a wealthy oil tycoon in Texas, on the other he leads a double life where he has another wife in another city.

The idea for ‘Lone Star came from Kyle Killen and was produced by Twentieth Century Fox Television. The series quickly became a hit with audiences, but was quickly cancelled due to low ratings. Still, the series remains an example of the complex and layered drama possible on television.

The concept of a main character with two lives is not a new concept, but ‘Lone Star goes further than other series with similar ideas. The series questions whether Robert Allen’s two lives can ever be united or whether he will always be torn between them.

  • A man who has to choose between two women.
  • A man who has to leave his whole life behind him.
  • A man trying to live both lives at the same time.

‘Lone Star’ is a fascinating and profound series that deserves to be watched on DVD or streaming services. The backstory of Robert Allen and his two lives is not only entertaining, but also thought-provoking about the consequences of our choices and the complexity of human existence.

One man, two lives in Fox's 'Lone Star'

Reviews and opinions on "One man, two lives, in Fox’s ‘Lone Star’"

Fox’s new TV series "Lone Star has received both positive and negative reviews from critics and fans since its premiere. The plot of the series revolves around a man named Robert Allen who lives two lives – one as a perfect man in Midland, Texas, and the other as a seller of fake oil drilling licenses in Houston, Texas.

One man, two lives in Fox's 'Lone Star'

Some critics praise the actors and their performances, while others find the plot predictable and uninteresting. The production and direction also receive mixed reviews. Some viewers are intrigued by the sexy portrayal of the main character, while others criticize the series’ framing as too sexual and expedient.

However, some viewers’ opinions have changed after seeing more of the storyline. A subplot involving Robert’s love for his wife has touched many fans and increased interest in the series. However, others find it hard to have sympathy for the character given Robert’s illegal dealings.

Overall "Lone Star" remains a controversial series that polarizes fans and critics alike. Whether you like it or not, it’s certainly a series that sparks conversation and makes you think.

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"Lone Star" is a drama series that was aired by Fox. The series is about a man named Bob Allen who lives two lives – one as a successful oil tycoon and one as a con man. The series shows how Allen tries to maintain the two parts of his life while balancing delicate relationships with both women and business partners.

The series has been well received by critics, who have praised the complex plot and compelling performances by the actors. However, some have criticized the series for being too complicated and difficult to follow.

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Whether you are a fan of the series or not, there are many ways to learn more about the background and creators of "Lone Star". From interviews with actors to articles about the filming location or the production process, there is plenty of background information to be found on the Internet.

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