For a coffee with: michael volz, computer science student and freelancer

For a coffee with: Michael Volz, computer science student and freelancer

If you’re interested in computer science, you already know Michael Volz as one of the prominent figures in the field. The computer science student and successful freelancer has worked on many important projects over the past few years, making a name for himself in the tech world.

In this interview, we have the opportunity to get to know Michael. We find out more about his work as a freelancer, his plans for the future, and his thoughts on the current state of the computer science world.

Although Michael has only been in the industry for a few years, he already has an impressive career behind him. So we’re excited to learn more about his experiences and successes, and to benefit from his knowledge in computer science.

So sit back, enjoy a cup of coffee, and read on to learn more about Michael Volz, one of today’s most promising computer science students and freelancers.

Michael Volz: a computer science student and freelancer

Michael Volz is a computer science student at the University of Leipzig, Germany. In addition to his studies, he works as a freelancer and offers his services in web design and development. Discovered his love for computer science while still in school. After graduating from high school, he therefore decided to study computer science.

During his studies, Michael Volz worked as a freelancer on the side. Through his work he gained practical experience in web development and expanded his knowledge in this area. Michael’s goal is to find a balance between his studies and his work as a freelancer to improve his skills and further his passion.

Michael Volz is a versatile and ambitious student and freelancer. In addition to his work and studies, he is also involved in various student initiatives and projects. Michael plans to continue his freelancing career after graduation and further improve his portfolio.

  • Computer science: Computer science deals with the systematic processing of information. Computer scientists develop and program software applications and systems.
  • Webdesign: Webdesign is the design of websites. A good web design should be appealing and improve the user experience.
  • Web development: web development refers to the programming of websites and web applications. A web developer creates and optimizes websites and keeps them running smoothly.
  • Freelancer: A freelancer is a self-employed person who offers services on an hourly or project basis. Freelancers often work in different industries and can freely arrange their working hours.

Who is Michael Volz?

Michael Volz is a computer science student and freelancer. He specializes in building websites, apps and other digital products. With his expertise, he helps companies improve their online presence.

However, Michael is not only a successful freelancer, but also a passionate music lover. In his spare time he plays guitar and writes his own songs. He is also a volunteer music teacher for children and young people.

Michael has a very positive attitude and always approaches his projects with a lot of energy. He believes that anyone can achieve their goals if they work hard enough. What’s most important to him is that he can also help others on their individual paths.

  • Skills: Web development, app development, digital marketing
  • Hobbies: music, playing guitar, songwriting, volunteer music teacher
  • Attitude: positive, energetic, helpful
For a coffee with: Michael Volz, computer science student and freelancer

If you are looking for a competent and passionate freelancer, then you should definitely contact Michael. He will inspire you with his expertise and positive attitude.

A coffee with Michael Volz: Opportunities and challenges of studying computer science

Michael Volz is not only a dedicated computer science student, but also a successful freelancer with years of professional experience. In our conversation with him, we dive into the world of studying computer science, discuss the opportunities and challenges that come with this field of study, and learn more about Michael’s experience as a freelancer.

What makes studying computer science so special? Michael explains that it’s the combination of theory and practice that makes this field of study so attractive. "You get a broad base of theoretical knowledge in different areas such as programming, databases and networks, and also have many opportunities to apply this knowledge in practical projects" he says. "As a computer scientist, you are in high demand and have good job prospects, as many industries have a need for computer scientists."

However, what does life look like as a computer science student?? Michael explains that it is important to be disciplined and invest a lot of time in your studies to be successful. "It’s a challenging degree that requires a lot of dedication" he emphasizes. "You have to be willing to take a hard look at different topics and also work independently."

  • Opportunities: good job prospects in various industries, broad base of theoretical knowledge and opportunities for practical application
  • Challenges: Discipline and commitment, Challenging studies, Working independently

But what about Michael’s experience as a freelancer?? How does this fit into the picture of a computer science student?? "As a freelancer, I can put my knowledge and skills into practice while developing truly creative solutions for my clients" says Michael. "However, there are also challenges like finding clients and staying on task."

Although studying computer science has its challenges, Michael emphasizes that it is a rewarding and worthwhile experience. If you’re interested in learning to program and pursuing a career in IT, studying computer science could be the right path for you.

Freelancing as a hobby: An interview with Michael Volz, computer science student and freelancer

Question: Why did you decide to work as a freelancer alongside your studies???
Answer: As a computer science major, I wanted to put my knowledge and skills to practical use. Since I was also interested in projects that were not only academic in nature, but also wanted to earn money, I decided to work as a freelancer. Also, I’m always looking for new challenges and projects, and freelancing gives me the opportunity to work on different projects and expand my skill set.
Question: How do you organize your work as a freelancer???
Answer: I try to organize my work as well as possible, as I am convinced that good time management and clear planning are essential for a successful freelance life. I have a work calendar in which I enter my projects and deadlines. I also keep in close contact with my clients and discuss the details of each project before I get down to work.
Question: how do you see the future of freelancing as a hobby?
Answer: I think more and more people will discover freelancing as a hobby, as it offers an incredible opportunity to expand one’s skills and earn money at the same time. Freelancing also offers many benefits to businesses, as it allows them to access specialized skills and talent without having to hire permanent employees. I think that freelancing as a hobby will be even more popular in the future, as it is a great way to combine work and free time.

Future plans by Michael Volz

Michael Volz, a computer science student and freelancer, has some future plans he would like to tackle. One of his plans is to deepen and improve his skills as a programmer to be successful in the IT industry in the future.

Another important plan of Michael’s is to continue to grow his freelance business. He would like to become even broader and expand his range of services to be able to attract more customers. In addition, he plans to focus more on online marketing and expand his portfolio in the area of web development.

Michael would also like to invest more time in his hobbies, such as photography and traveling. He plans to combine these passions more with his work in the future, for example, working in landscape photography.

  • Another of Michael’s visions is to found his own start-up that develops innovative software solutions. For this he would like to network further and get in contact with other founders to realize his ideas and plans.

To sum up, Michael Volz has many plans for the future and is very motivated to implement them. The most important thing for him is to expand his expertise as a computer scientist and freelancer and to combine his hobbies with his work.

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