Bangladesh: fire in the world’s largest refugee camp

Bangladesh: fire in the world's largest refugee camp

Bangladesh experienced on Monday the 22. March a fatal fire in the Kutupalong camp, the largest refugee camp in the world in Cox’s Bazar in the southeastern part of the country. The devastating fire destroyed thousands of cottages and killed at least 15 people, while more than 50.000 people left homeless.
The camp currently provides space for nearly one million Rohingya refugees who have fled violence and persecution in Myanmar. The camp complex, which covers an area of about 13 square kilometers, is also one of the most densely populated regions in the world.
The disaster represents another humanitarian crisis at a time when the world is already facing the effects of the global pandemic. There is an urgent need to take action to support affected communities and ensure they have access to basic needs such as food, water and shelter.

Cause of the catastrophic fire in the world’s largest refugee camp in Bangladesh

The Bangladesh camp hosts more than one million Rohingya refugees who have fled violence and persecution in Myanmar. On 22. March 2021, a large fire broke out in the camp, quickly destroying thousands of temporary shelters.
The cause of the fire has not yet been determined, but it is suspected that electrical shorts or cooking stoves may be responsible. Another factor that may have contributed to the disaster was the camp’s dense construction and high temperatures.
Rohingya refugees have been living in difficult conditions in Bangladesh for years, without proper sanitation, education and medical care. The fire has further aggravated the already precarious situation of the people in the camp.
The international community responded quickly and offered humanitarian aid to help the affected people. However, it remains a major challenge to provide adequate replacements for lost shelter and basic needs such as food and clean water.

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The lawsuit boom: more and more parents are fighting for places at their preferred schools

Choosing the right school for their child is of great importance to many parents. In some cases, however, enrollment is not enough to secure a spot at the school of choice. For this reason, a so-called "lawsuit boom" is underway has emerged in recent years, with more and more parents going to court to secure a place for their children at the desired school.

There are several reasons why parents are taking the lawsuit route. A frequent reason is the proximity to the school. Parents often have the expectation that their child should attend a school close to home in order to minimize the daily commute to school. However, when the school district is overcrowded and no more seats are available, parents feel compelled to take legal action.

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New directions in dementia care

Dementia is a problem case in nursing care. The disease occurs in various forms and has a high prevalence. Affected individuals suffer from memory loss, orientation problems and a decline in mental abilities. Caring for dementia patients places high demands on caregivers, as well as family members. Adequate care requires not only medical treatment, but also sensitive care and support, as well as adaptation of the environment.

Dementia care is challenging due to individual needs and the progression of the disease. In the past, the focus has been on symptomatic therapy. Today, there are new approaches that focus on providing holistic care and support to stakeholders. It is not only about medical treatment, but also about the involvement of relatives and an adapted environment that can positively influence the course of the disease.

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Social work-social education studies (bachelor of arts-b.a.)

Social Work-Social Pedagogy degree is a forward-looking and versatile field of study that offers numerous opportunities for professional development. This academic discipline is about providing skills and knowledge to deal with social, educational and psychological challenges in various social contexts. The Bachelor of Arts-B.A. Degree in social work-social education qualifies graduates for numerous fields of work and career opportunities.
The Social Work-Social Pedagogy degree program provides in-depth knowledge in the areas of pedagogy, psychology, sociology and law. The degree is designed to provide the skills necessary to be successful in social work and social counseling. The aim of the course is to perceive the social, personal and societal needs of people and to respond to them appropriately.
Social pedagogues and social workers have an important role in society. They work with people in different life situations and support them in difficult situations. The Social Work-Social Pedagogy degree program gives graduates the opportunity to work in a variety of fields, such as daycare centers for children, youth centers, schools, family and elderly care facilities, and public administration institutions.

A Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work-Social Pedagogy

Bachelor of Arts in Social Work-Social Pedagogy is an undergraduate degree program at a university that deals with the subject areas of social work and social pedagogy. The aim of the program is to prepare students for a professional career in social work fields. This involves supporting socially disadvantaged people, families, children and young people.

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The play(t)rooms in the pestalozzi world of experience

The play(t)rooms in the Pestalozzi World of Experience

Pestalozzi, a world of experience in Switzerland, offers children and young people exciting opportunities to try things out and experience their own limits. The play(t)rooms in the Pestalozzi World of Experience are unique and invite children to discover and develop new skills.
Whether climbing at dizzy heights, balancing on narrow beams or canoeing on the lake – the Pestalozzi adventure world offers numerous wonderful moments and unforgettable memories. The play(t)rooms are designed in such a way that every child and adolescent can make his or her own experiences and discover his or her own talents.
The Pestalozzi World of Experience was created with the aim of offering children and young people a safe and exciting environment in which they can develop freely. The play(t)rooms are an important part of this concept and offer visitors a space to learn new skills and strengthen their self-confidence.

Learning toys for children – The play(t)rooms in the Pestalozzi adventure world

The Pestalozzi World of Experience offers children an unforgettable time in which they can not only play and have fun, but also actively learn and further their education. The learning toys play an important role. It ensures that children learn through play and are enthusiastic at the same time.

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Studying architecture: the most important things at a glance

Architecture is one of the most creative and at the same time most demanding courses of study. Those who choose this field will be exposed to a wide range of subjects, including architectural history, urban planning, building construction and design. But what about prerequisites and what to expect in college? We have the answers.
In general, a certain affinity for so-called "spatial art" and the design of buildings and interiors is beneficial. Because architecture is not only technology and function, but also aesthetics and atmosphere. Nevertheless, prospective students should know that this degree program also involves complex mathematical and physical relationships.
Another important factor is the length and structure of study. The bachelor’s program usually takes six to seven semesters to complete, plus the master’s program that builds on that, which takes another two to four semesters to complete. The examinations are also demanding and require stamina and commitment. But if you are passionate about architecture, you will be rewarded with an exciting career field.

Basics for the study of architecture

Architecture can be viewed as an art, a science, and a craft. It’s not just about designing beautiful buildings, but also about the practical aspects of structure, materials, environmental protection and functionality. To successfully study architecture, some basic knowledge and skills are required:

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5 Ways to keep translations safe at law firms

As a law firm, you are responsible for keeping important legal documents, including translations. The security and privacy of these documents are of utmost importance. Any breach of data privacy can potentially have legal consequences, so you need to be able to take effective measures to keep translations secure.

One way to ensure the security of your translations is to use an encrypted database where documents are stored securely. Another option is to use passwords or keys to regulate access to documents and prevent unauthorized access.

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40 Years of the un women’s rights convention

2020 marks the 40th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of Women. Mal. The adoption of this convention in 1980 was a historic moment for women’s rights worldwide. It was the first international treaty to explicitly call for gender equality and the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women.

The convention has set the stage for the enforcement of women’s rights in more than 180 countries around the world. Since then, the situation of women has improved, but many goals have not yet been achieved.

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University-started entrepreneurs fulfill their dream

One of the biggest decisions you can make in life is entrepreneurship. But how difficult is it really to start a business?? Especially after leaving university, it can be difficult to make the dream a reality.

Many successful entrepreneurs were born at university and developed their business ideas in the academic environment. These founders have the opportunity to access a variety of resources and support, including mentors, advisors and funding opportunities.

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Sophie von la roche – a voyage of discovery through europe in the 18th century

Sophie von La Roche was one of the most important writers of her time and a pioneer for women in literature. In 1784, she set out on a journey through Switzerland, France and England, which she recorded in her book "Travels through Switzerland, France and England".

As a woman interested in literature and art, Sophie von La Roche used travel to learn about and study the culture and traditions of other countries. Through her travels and impressions, she created a portrait of the society and culture of Europe in the 18th century. Century.

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